Friday, July 20, 2012


I expect the most serious Potterheads already use, the official J.K. Rowling companion site to the book series. The site, powered by Flash Player, allows the user to journey through each chapter of each novel, with little vignettes about characters, places, events, items and other aspects of the story.

Screenshot of Diagon Alley in
As you follow the sequence, you will find Galleons and various useful and collectible items along the way, which you can click on to collect in your own personal trunk for wizarding stuff. You will shop at Diagon Alley, get a wand, journey to Hogwarts, and be sorted into a House by the Sorting Hat. I was surprised to have ended up in Gryffindor, since I always thought I was more of a Ravenclaw sort of person. My daughter, who has been placed in Gryffindor in practically every online "Which House Are You?" quiz, was placed in Slytherin!

The greatest treasures lie in the extra information provided by J.K. Rowling herself.  She tells us the back stories of some of the characters and other aspects of the stories, and what she had been thinking or planning during the writing process. This is new and fresh information straight from the author. Pottermore users who take the time to read these pieces will get a deeper glimpse into Rowling's sheer genius and it's all done in a very fun and insightful way.

Each user is given a user name and has an individual profile where his progress is tracked.  You can earn House Points for your house, duel, brew potions, and interact with other users.  You can comment and share your own original artwork based on the stories. Of course, the site is very kid-friendly and fan-friendly. I wouldn't have expected any less from Ms. Rowling, as she always makes sure things stay true to her vision.

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