Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indoor Party Activities

"Hermione," said Ron, frowning as he looked over her shoulder, "they've messed up your schedule. Look -- they've got you down for about ten subjects a day. There isn't enough time."

excerpt from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
This section describes the different indoor party activities.

Diagon Alley
The first stop for arriving party guests.  Here they will obtain the school supplies needed for their Hogwarts "classes."

Sorting Hat Ceremony
A reenactment of the famous scene from the books and movies.  the party guests are sorted into their Houses, dividing them up into manageable numbers for the class activities.

Transfiguration Class
A craft activity where the kids transform a lollipop into a spider.  "Aranea Verto!"   (I made that one up, it's not from the books)

Potions Class
A simple chemistry lesson in goop-making.  Fun!

Herbology Class (even though it's done outside, I've included as part of the 3 class rotations)
Easy-going activities involving digging in dirt (what kid doesn't like that?), planting, and gardening.

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