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How to Download and Install Fonts

Materials for your Harry Potter party will look more authentic if you use fancy, magical style fonts. Fancy fonts can be downloaded free from the Internet to use in your printed invitations, signage, and thank you notes.

There are several free Harry Potter fonts available online. I used Magik, HogwartsWizard, and Lumos extensively for my daughter's party. There are also other HP and medieval style fonts that you may want to browse through - choose what looks good to you.

Harry Potter fonts:
Link:How it looks:
Harry P Cover Font Harry Potter Font sample
Lumos Lumos Font sample
Magik Magik Font sample
Hogwarts Wizard HogwartsWizard Font sample
Magical Me Magical Me Font sample

Other Gothic or Medieval Style fonts:
Olde English
Deutsch Gothic

Other font resources: A lot of fun fonts here Old English style fonts A lot more fun fonts
photoshop-tutorials/harry-potter-movie-font More advanced how-to for creating an image looks just like the movie posters (Half Blood Prince)
Pictorial step by step tutorial on how to download and install fonts

How to download, install and use a new font (for Windows XP)
Download: usually you just click on the font you want to download. Most downloadable fonts are in .zip format - compressed so you'll need to "unzip" or decompress the font once you've downloaded it onto your computer.  If you haven't ever had to unzip a file before and you don't have the software on your computer, check the Top Unzipping Software archive in under Misc Tech Stuff.

Your Internet browser should ask you what you want to do, open file or save file. Choose "save file" and then indicate where you want to save it, like in a folder called "Downloaded Fonts."

I'm using WinZip here on a Windows computer.  After saving, go to the file and either
double-click it... and do the following
StepWhen you see this:Click on this:
1.Folder TasksExtract All Files
2.Extraction WizardNext
3.Select a DestinationBrowse, My Computer, C:(local drive), Windows, Fonts*, OK
4.Select a DestinationNext
5.Extraction CompleteCheck next to "Show Extracted Files", Finish

6. Scroll through the fonts, you should be able to see the new one you just added.

Or right-click it...
You'll get a pop-up menu of several items. Choose "Extract All" and you will be at Step #3 above. Continue with Steps 3-6 to finish.

*Usually the font folder is either in C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT\FONTS.

 How to download, install and use a new font (for Mac)
1. Download the .zip file.  Double-click or click to unzip.
2. Open the unzipped font folder.
3. Double-click or click the font file (.ttf file).
4. In the pop-up box click "Install font". Font will be installed in your font book, usually in the library folder.

Once the font is downloaded, it will show up in your word processing program, like MS Word, for you to use. Try "Hogwarts Wizard" for typing out your invitation cards and envelopes, it looks very cool. I used "Olde English" font for the Hogwarts heading, and "Monotype Corsiva" for the body type.

Sample Hogwarts Invitation

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