Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Harry Potter Birthday Party for Kids

Potter Party Mania
I was a Harry Potter fan even before I had my kids.  Naturally, now both my kids are fans, too.  When my daughter was 6, she wanted to have Harry Potter theme birthday party.  It turned out to be a huge production at our house, but it was a real hit! I even received a Special Mention gift certificate from birthday party ideas.com.  Years later, my daughter still had her goodie bag and played with her stuff from that party.

I wanted to record the details on what I did to pull this party off, taking it step by step. I started preparing about 6 weeks in advance.  I went kind of overboard, but it was fun!  Our party was for 5-7 year olds; adjust according to the age and interests of your kids. Just use whatever's useful to you. And I hope you and your kids have a great time at your Harry Potter party!

This site is organized chronologically to follow the actual sequence of the party. There are .jpg images and .pdf files that can be downloaded/saved to your computer and printed.

Advance Party Preparations

Indoor Party Activities

Outdoor Party Activities
  • Quidditch Practice
  • Treasure Hunt with Marauder's Map

Party Feast in the Great Hall
Honeydukes Candy Shop
  • Thank you notes

Next Stop:  Advance Party Preparation

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